Nerium Age Defying Treatment Review

NeriumAD Review By An Actual User

Nerium Review

I have decided to do a NeriumAD age-defying treatment review to help those who are wondering if all they are hearing about Nerium International age defying night treatment cream NeriumAD is true or if it is a scam.  This is my personal experience with the product and what I was using before NeriumAD.  The photo above is a collage of the many people who have used  NeriumAD age-defying treatment with astounding results.

A few months ago, I stumbled across a before and after photo someone had posted online showing the results that many were experiencing from using NeriumAD age defying night treatment cream..  You have probably came across a few of those too.  If you are anything like me I began to search to see how was those results possible.  As I searched, I discovered more photos that showed diminished age spots and fine lines, improved hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin texture and a host of other results.  I was totally amazed and impressed with what I found.

After much research, I was able to connect and speak to someone directly about  NeriumAD.  He shared some preliminary information with me as well as his own NeriumAD review about how he had struggled with razor bumps and very painful ingrown hair for years and since his use of NeriumAD he no longer has that problem.  In addition to that his face is soft and supple and as smooth as a baby's bottom.

He asked that I go to a couple of sites to get more information as to the why and how of NeriumAD.  Then he actually challenged me to try NeriumAD for 30 days as the company, Nerium International offered a no questions asked money back guarantee.  I have to tell you it was something about his confidence in the product and the science behind it that got me to agree to try it.

I had recently started using a new anti-aging cream and was very happy with the results I had seen in the short time I had been using it.  I really did not feel that anything could be better or improve where I was in my skincare regimen.  Over the years I have tried many things, most with minimal or no results at all. However, this man's confidence in the product, his experience along with the compelling information, clinical trials and money back guarantee made think what if.  Hopeful but not expecting much I went ahead and became a preferred customer and ordered my first bottle of NeriumAD age-defying treatment.

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I was told to take a photo before I started.  I used the product as directed and after three nights of using NeriumAD I noticed that my skin was looking brighter and tighter.  I was impressed and speechless.  I continued using the product and after five days I took another photo to compare and the I could definitely see that my face looked softer, tighter and relaxed.  

nerium review

I called the gentleman who had shared NeriumAD with me and asked him what kind of changes should I be looking for.  I did not share my results with him and we did not discuss prior to me using the product what kind of changes I should expect.  With confidence he responded that by now "you should have noticed tighter, brighter and softer skin."  I almost fell off my chair because those where the same things I had noticed.

I was ecstatic.  He then shared with me that the results are incremental and will get better with time and continued usage.  I have been using NeriumAD age-defying treatment for well over six months now and I am extremely happy with the results I have achieved.

There are times I see my reflection in the mirror and I have to do a double take because I am just blown away by what I see in the mirror.  Not only do I love the results, I also love not having to use several products at night before going to bed.  Since using NeriumAD I found that when I do wear makeup it looks much better.  I also like the clean fresh youthful look I have when I am not wearing makeup.

I absolutely love NeriumAD and highly recommend it if you are looking to take years off your face and look younger in days then you need to give NeriumAD a try.  I hope you found this NeriumAD review helpful and I look forward to hearing about your NeriumAD experience.